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CQPIM – Complete WordPress Project Management

CQPIM is a full-feature project management plugin for WordPress. Designed from the ground up by our web solutions agency in Brighton, UK, it was originally created as an in-house solution for managing our own clients and team members. As it grew, we realised that there is a serious lack of PM plugins for WordPress, so we decided to launch it for sale, and since then it has been hugely expanded based on feedback from the Envato community.

The plugin aims to combine every aspect of project management into one place, and includes many features that will help both freelancers and agencies to get their projects organised and their communications clear, so that everyone working on the projects knows exactly where they are, at any time.



  • Workflow control
  • Powerful settings panel
  • Role based team members permission system
  • Multiple date formats
  • Sales Tax feature (Including Secondary Tax)
  • Fully Translatable (PHP gettext functions & PO/MO files)
  • Currency Symbol and Position Settings
  • Existing user to CQPIM Client Conversion Tool
  • Existing user to CQPIM Team Member Conversion Tool

Client Dashboard

  • Responsive front-end dashboard
  • Brandable Login page
  • AJAX enabled actions
  • Custom AJAX password reset
  • Choose CQPIM Theme or your active theme
  • Works with any properly coded theme
  • Clients can update their details from the dashboard
  • Clients can add their team members as additional logins
  • Dashboard alerts for quotes, projects, invoices and support tickets
  • Ability to view all quotes, invoices, projects, tasks and support tickets
  • Detailed project information including timeline, updates, financials, milestones/tasks and files
  • AJAX file uploads in Support Tickets and Tasks
  • Ability to pay invoices via Stripe & Paypal


  • Add clients and contact details
  • Client account password reset
  • Client notes
  • Additional client contacts (to create extra logins for the client)
  • Set Invoice terms per client
  • Set default support ticket assignment per client
  • Sales tax exclusion per client
  • Recurring invoices
  • Client Notification Preferences
  • Currency Override Per Client
  • File uploads in Client Account
  • Client Access Activity Logs

Quotes / Estimates

  • Raise Quotes / Estimates for registered Clients
  • Quote Request Forms (Logged in or anonymous)
  • Milestone & Task Templates
  • Terms & Conditions Templates
  • Clients can accept/sign quotes from their dashboard (with name, date and IP address recorded)
  • Auto-generate projects from accepted quotes
  • Choose deposit percentage
  • Re-order Milestones / Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Currency Override per Quote


  • Projects can be assigned to a client or be internal
  • Contract signing feature (Clients can sign in their dashboard)
  • Ability to add team members to give them access
  • Milestone & Task templates
  • Re-order Milestones / Tasks
  • Financials table showing milestones, costs and money received
  • Personal project notes
  • Project files table
  • Send general project messages
  • Project updates timeline
  • Multiple invoice options (Per milestone or upfront/completion split)
  • Task management
  • Task Progress bars
  • Subtasks


  • Personal or project tasks
  • Start dates and Deadlines
  • jQuery timers or manually add time
  • Task Status and Priority
  • Task file uploads
  • Task watchers
  • Task Messaging
  • Email Piping (Reply to task messages via email)
  • Task list in Team Dashboard
  • Subtasks
  • Ability to Assign Tasks to Clients


  • Invoices can be generated automatically from projects
  • Sales Tax & Secondary Sales Tax available
  • Stripe and Paypal payments
  • Partial Invoice Payments
  • Manual payment entry with notation
  • Assign invoices to projects, or Ad-Hoc
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Printable Invoice view
  • Send Invoice and Reminders in single click
  • Attach PDF Invoice to emails
  • Settings for when reminders are to be sent
  • Currency Override per Invoice
  • Income Graphs on Admin Dash
  • Partial Invoice Payments Supported
  • Invoice Payment Notifications

Team Members

  • Add your team members and assign roles
  • Full suite of role based permissions
  • Team members can only see assigned projects and their own tasks
  • Tailored Admin dashboard showing outstanding assigned projects, tasks, tickets etc
  • Calendar
  • Task lists
  • jQuery task timers

Support Tickets

  • Admin & Client can raise support tickets
  • Auto-assign tickets to team member per client
  • Email Piping updates
  • Ajax file upload in Client Dashboard
  • Ticket Assignee
  • Ticket Status and Priority
  • Ticket watchers
  • Custom Fields in Support Tickets
  • Milestones, Tasks and Invoicing


  • Fully translatable with provided MO/PO files
  • Translate admin area and client dashboard separately


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