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Why use Prestashop Seo Module Pro – Smart Seo Prestashop Module on your store?

We all know that Seo Prestashop helps your prestashop website improve rankings of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…), which helps you get more website visitors, which helps you sell more stuff. Unfortunately, Prestashop is best ecommerce platform but it does not have many features that improve your ranking of search engines (SEO). Example:

  • URL is not friendly URL, always showing ID object in URL. It is very important !
  • Does not support to manage, seo urls in backoffice
  • Does not support to manage, redirect 404 URL (URL is not found). So that will make to down ranking of your website in search engines if search engine see 404 URL.
  • Does not automatic seo generator prestashop as fill primary keywords to meta title, meta keywords, meta description tags
  • Does not support prestashop seo for 3 rd party module
  • Etc…

So we made a new Prestashop SEO module named BASEO – Smart Prestashop SEO Manager that improve seo url, seo meta tags, seo meta keywords for your website. Our BASEO – Smart Prestashop SEO Manager module will help you with increase site traffic by landing on first page search engine results!

The BASEO – Smart Prestashop SEO Manager is a module seo prestashop which have much features order to optimize, seo your prestashop store for better visibility on search engines and social media platforms.

Features List

  • Customize Structure of URL, Meta Tags for Product, Category, Supplier, Manufacturer, CMS, CMS Category, External Module…with short codes like {PRODUCT_NAME}, {CATEGORY_NAME}, {PARENT_CATEGORY_NAME}, {PAGE_NAME}…
  • Customize URL, Meta Tags (Title, Keywords, Decription), Page Title for any URL with short code
  • Automatic seo url prestashop
  • Manage URLs on your site
  • Create friendly URL for prestashop
  • Manage, redirect 404 URL
  • Manage prestashop meta tags
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support seo prestashop keywords
  • Compatible 3rd party module
  • Without modify core of Prestashop
  • Automatic apply to redirect 301 to old URL
  • SEO for pagination, seo url prestashop
  • Support seo prestashop meta Tags, Automatic generate Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Compatible Sitemap module in Prestashop.
  • Etc…


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